Project Gallery

Offering custom designed furniture and pieces from his own collection, all Hurst pieces have a unique style with intricate details, flowing proportions, and a unified structural design.

Custom Design

Mass produced furniture will not adapt to your home and lifestyle. Custom work will.

Hurst Custom Furniture blends time tested techniques of handcrafted carpentry and joinery with modern engineering and structural design. The approach to a custom project is simple: Take a client’s vision and style to heart, create a design that makes their vision a reality, choose the best materials, and then execute with precision. There is no substitute for quality work made to your exact specifications. Each piece is personal, and every piece is personally guaranteed.

As a client, you can be involved in every step of the process, from the overall design and materials to techniques and finish.

Live Edge Bar and Swings

This ten foot long bar and hanging swings was inspired by the customer's trip to Costa Rica. The wood is local claro walnut. I designed and built the structure and hung the swings for a unique and fun space for entertaining or just hanging out. I used the end cuts from the bar top as new seats for a pair of stools.

Walk In Closet / Laundry Room

This second floor remodel included combining an extra bedroom and two closets. I demolished a few walls and patched a wall to hide a removed doorway. The customer had a very clear vision of the project and helped with the design of all the cabinetry and layouts. Elegance and functionality.

Custom Oak Desk

This Desk was a colaborative design between myself and the customer. Her size requirements and overall appeal were critical, and I was able to provide a lot of input in materials, and the design for the top. The Top is made from White Oak Veneer that I cut in the shop.

Kitchen Island and Cabinet Refacing

This project involved adding doors and drawer faces to all the existing kitchen cabinets. I also custom built the kitchen island to fit an existing wooden top. There was a mix of onsite and offsite finishing work, and a tons of other little parts, like a wall of cabinetry, a desk area. Some additional trim work and a few other small pieces. All in all a really fun project.

Original Designs

These pieces are of my own design.

End Grain Maze

This table is an adventure into an uncommon technique utilizing thin endgrain "tiles" stitched together to create an amazing top. I have not heard of anyone else using or attempting this technique and after a good amount of hesitation and experimenting over the course of a year, I was able to bring this table to life. The top is made from 120 individual pieces, each made from 8 pcs themselves. This is Sapelle or african mahogany(dark field) and ash through lines (white). The solid wood frame and base is made from walnut. Currently available for sale, please see the STORE Tab or Etsy for more details.

Ash Bed Frame

This California king size ash bed was made custom for a customer. This has more of European style to it, and it is a bit lower than we typically have in the US. The wood is ash throughout and the whole piece disassembles for ease of transport

Santos Jewelry Box - Hexagon

I built this box to explore both the construction of a hexagon, and the incorporation of what I call through lines. These Maple accents in the Santos Mahogany box are not inlay, and they are not marquetry. These are full pieces of Maple that run clean through the pieces. This technique offers me a the ability to take curves, run over odd shapes like the "jewel" top of this box, and I even learned how to "take corners". The other nice feature is that the wood shows up on both the inside and outside of the box, creating interesting patterns. When I sold this box, the customer commissioned me to make an additional removable shelf inside, which really completed the piece.