Jonathan Hurst hates seeing good, sturdy furniture laying by the roadside.

Although he’d love to build you a new table or dresser, if you adore what you already have, Jon can fix it and make it work again. After all, Hurst Custom furniture was borne out of admiration for the craftsmanship in old and antique furniture.

The history and techniques that produced your piece are respected in every repair project.

The process is easy and straightforward:

  • Jon assesses the piece and determines what needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • He then offers the client options, with either a firm quote attached to each, or a firm range that will not be exceeded.
  • The client decides what direction Jon should take.
  • Jon delivers.

Teak Dresser Repair

A customer purchased an elaborate teak dresser from Southeast Asia. Unfortunately during shipping it split apart and as you can see it was in pretty rough shape. Within a few hours I was able to carefully cut the piece apart and glue it back together making it once again a clean functional piece.

If you have a piece that you just can’t can’t replace, contact Hurst Custom Furniture today.